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Trapizzino: a mixture of pizza and panino.

You’d like a pizza, but without the risk of dripping the topping all over you? Fancy a sandwich, but it must be something special?

In Rome, Stefano Callegari took a bold step and opened the first Trapizzino in 2008 after years of studying street food and pizza-making techniques.

From that little shop in Testaccio, a district in the heart of Rome, Trapizzino has become a franchise chain with more than ten outlets in the city. A symbol of how, by combining attention to customers with an new idea based on tradition, you can open a new path towards certain success.

The now famous cone of plain pizza filled with every imaginable kind of food is a gastronomic excellence to be admired for its food design, too, which reinvented the idea of eating a pizza just like a genuine street food (and earned it Street Food Heroes’ award for the Best Italian Street Food).

Just because the first shop has become a chain, we should never think that there will be a drop in quality, a core value about which the owner makes no compromises. Each outlet will be free to choose their own furnishings and menu. Each kitchen will bake the trapizzini, with no ready-made dough or mixes but only by the long natural proving method that customers are used to. The only concession is the possibility of opening a separate kitchen near the new outlet, where the food can be prepared.


A growing enterprise, but one that stays loyal to the principles which underpinned a winning idea that started almost ten years ago. The true, special recipe for this success.