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Tiny food: small food on small plates

It appears that the latest trend is to make tiny, ultra-precise dishes in small kitchens, using miniature utensils.

We don’t mean studio apartments with no elbow room, but the latest fad to take the social media by storm. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are full of videos showing the precision and minute detail of those who spend their time on this novelty form of model-making, whose results are completely edible.

The fashion came from Asia and is spreading across Europe. Those who dabble in this bizarre activity will tackle any kind of food: sushi, meat, pies, cakes and elaborate plates of pasta are cooked on Lilliputian hobs, using cutlery borrowed from the Smurfs, mixed with tiddly tweezers and served amidst table settings that would be the envy of a starred chef.

And now, of course, there are even shops that sell everything you need to indulge in this entertaining hobby.

If you, too, want to spend a little time looking at videos of this strange fashion, the best two sites are Miniature Space and Pocket Resort. But be warned: the mastery of these tiny chefs is so beguiling that you, too, will be captivated.