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Street food: scagliozzi, sciurilli and other deep fried specialties

The street food par excellence is of course fried.

Bites of delicious food cooked with city traffic all around, with fragrances that fill you with joy, tempting in their greasy tastes, that make you lick your fingers as well as your lips.

When you are walking you burn calories, and you feel less guilty to bite into anything that has been dipped in oil until it’s crisp and golden, even if you are forced to walk leaning forward to avoid getting dirty.

Each region has its own specialties: we have already described the Neapolitan cuoppo, but it is always Naples with its 1600 fry shops and refreshment stands to offer, in addition to pizza fritta (fried pizza), another highlight of the local street food.

The sciurilli, or pizzette di sciurilli, are courgette flowers, still closed, passed in batter, deep fried and salted. They are available just for a few months, and they are really worth trying. They are quite different from the courgette flowers typical of the Lazio region: here you can taste batter and vegetables only, enjoying a really unique flavor and crunchiness, if they are perfectly cooked.

These temptations are often prepared by the same cooks or restaurants over the years, preserving the old recipes passed down from one generation to another. Here you can also find and enjoy other delicacies.

The scagliozzi for example. Small cold polenta triangles, left to stand for at least one night so that they lose the excess water, and then passed in hot oil to have a perfectly crisp result.

Fried spinaches and eggplants recall Japanese tempura and offer the illusion of a healthy meal, after which some frittelle di pasta (dough fritter) can still be eaten without regrets…. a delight that cannot be explained if never tasted before.

In short, a walk through the narrow streets downtown can really turn into an attack on your arteries if you can’t hold yourself back, but it is definitely worth risking.