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Paolo Griffa tries his hand at the Italian selections for the Bocuse d’Or

In the end, on 1st October the 2017 Bocuse d’Or went to another Italian, Martino Ruggieri, currently the head chef at the three-starred Pavillon Lodoyen in Paris.

But among the other candidates, Paolo Griffa certainly stood out for the goals he has attained despite his very young age. At 25, Paolo has determination in abundance, he loves turning his hand to new things and enjoys pitting himself against other chefs in competitions. He is also a diligent student: when he is not in the kitchen Paolo reads and studies recipe books, methods and secrets of the trade, etc.

Or he travels the world to seek out new flavours, techniques and ingredients, the sources of inspiration for his future work.

He is currently working in France, at the Restaurant Serge Vieira (two Michelin stars) in Chaudes-Aigues. Together with a close-knit, ambitious team, he pushes forward a project of exporting Italian flavours to our Gallic cousins, and has won them over with great success.

“My style? I try to make exciting and technically perfect, but not exaggerated, versions of the great Italian dishes. I try always to imbue them with my core values and to avoid the stereotypes and clichés that are widespread abroad,” he stated.

For him, the staff is crucial. He is convinced that one person alone is nothing and stated, “How can just one person manage to do everything to a high standard? There are too many details, too many things to prepare all at the same time so that the final result is perfect. Staff is also very hard to find and maintain, they must be constantly motivated, they mustn’t feel they’re forced to work, they must be the ones to want the result to be 100%”.

This is why he works hard, keeping to the teachings of the finest Italian chefs: Igles Corelli, Cristina Bowerman and Cristian Broglia are just a few of the names who sustain him and from whom Griffa absorbs secrets in order to promote high-level Italian cuisine around the world.