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We’ve learned from the water that natural effervescence is an extraordinary burst of vitality that nature gives to the world of flavors.   

The Earth has taught us that respect for the environment and agriculture is the best way to respect ourselves.  

We’ve learned from the best chefs that gastronomy is not only a subject full of colors, aromas and flavors, but it is also a historical, geographical and cultural vision of the culinary traditions that have helped form the identity of Italy.

That’s why we decided to create Accademia Ferrarelle.


Accademia Ferrarelle is an open workshop where great chefs and gastronomists meet and share their knowledge and skills with everyone. It is a communal space for sharing and admiring new visions and impressions.  


Accademia Ferrarelle is also an opportunity for participating in and attending workshops, events and classes to discover the secrets needed for improving the selection of foods, raising the quality of the ingredients and enhancing flavors.  It is especially a place for people who have chosen a career in the difficult but wonderful restaurant and catering business. Full of great food and great ideas, Accademia Ferrarelle was designed for people who know that a passion for food is the first thing to bring to the table each day.  


The home of Accademia Ferrarelle is La Masseria, an ancient farmstead that has been completely remodeled and renewed through a painstaking restoration project that respected the original materials and architectural elements. La Masseria is located in a protected natural park that is also the home of Ferrarelle.


Accademia Ferrarelle. Its water, land and food. 

Discover Accademia Ferrarelle at  www.accademiaferrarelle.it

Who we are

Accademia Ferrarelle is a project of Ferrarelle Group, which has always been one of the most important players on the international food market.  This genuine academy involves the best experts in the sector who hold seminars, workshops and classes for people who have transformed their passion for food into a profession. Accademia Ferrarelle events are held at Masseria Mozzi in Riardo (CE).

How to participate

Accademia Ferrarelle offers workshops, events and classes to people in the restaurant and catering business to improve the quality of their service and food. Our Management, Cooking and Pizza workshops are free and reserved to our clients, restaurateurs, chefs and pizza makers.  Discover the details, benefits and services that Ferrarelle offers you on the website accademiaferrarelle.it.

How to participate:

For information about courses and registration, please contact accademia@ferrarelle.it